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Genoa has one of the most important ports in Italy, which attracts lovers of yachts and nautical experiences, as well as merchants and tourists.

The Bahamas is an archipelago east of Florida in the United States. Find out what activities you can do if you go on vacation to this beautiful place.

You will find some of the best yachts in Cartagena, Colombia. There are both for small groups and large capacity for holding events.

The Canary Islands have a particular charm. Find out which are its most famous beaches that you can visit on board a yacht and recommendations for doing so.

If you are in the city of Santa Marta and you are looking for a yacht to tour the paradisiacal beaches of the city, we recommend the best

Get to know Tayrona Park, where some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are. You will know how to get there and the prices you can find in this paradisiacal place