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  • Birdwatching in Colombia, get to know the cities with the most species
Birdwatching in Colombia, get to know the cities with the most species

Birdwatching in Colombia, get to know the cities with the most species

Colombia has stood out worldwide for being the country with the largest number and variety of birds, with more than 1,900 species. In fact, this year, the country was champion in Global Big Day, an event in which thousands of birdwatchers from around the world reported the species that could be sighted in several countries, in this way, the tricolor land has been crowned as a paradise for bird watching.

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In Colombia, there are many options for bird watching and here we tell you which are the departments with the largest number of bird species.

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Bird watching in Colombia



Medellín takes the crown as the world capital for bird watching in Colombia as it is the department that has more species for bird watching, with a total of 647 among which is the black-tipped cuckoo, the lined carpenter, the lockerhead and the red macaw, among others.


Cauca's Valley

In the Laguna del Sonso Natural Reserve and the Uramba Bahía Málaga Natural National Park located in the Cauca Valley, you can see some of the 637 species of birds that inhabit this department, among which, it is common to find there, herons, pelicans , tiger heron, fregata tijereta, chango, caga , the kingfisher, the collareja, the seagull and the raven duck.



Around 573 species of birds live here, which makes Risaralda another destination for bird watching in Colombia. In the Tatamá National Natural Park that is in the jurisdiction of this department; In addition to the department of Valle del Cauca and Choco, there are 51 families, 270 genera and 402 species. The families with the greatest representation are the Tyrannidae, 30 genera and 47 species, and the Thraupidae, 19 genera and 43 species. There is also the Otún Quimbayad Fauna and Flora Sanctuary where plenty of birds can be seen.



Meta with 562 species is another ideal destination for bird watching in Colombia. Here is the Mururito Nature Reserve, which, with more than two thousand hectares, makes it possible to see countless bird species such as scarlet ibis, burrowing owl and scissor beak, without causing more discomfort in their habitat.



The department of Cundinamarca has 480 species of birds to watch. Many of which can be observed in the Pionono Ecological Park in Sopó, where it is not only possible to see endemic birds of the place, but migratory birds that arrive from many parts. In addition, in the Park there are three privileged viewpoints called Cacique Sopó, Alto de las Águilas and Sopó Valley for bird watching.



In Caldas, up to 475 species of birds can be found, of which 372 can be observed in the Rio Blanco Nature Reserve, located three kilometers from Manizales, which makes it a prominent site for bird watching in Colombia. There you can run into hummingbirds, woodpeckers, toucans, parrots and pigeons.



Magdalena is another privileged site for bird watching, because although it does not have a large number of different species as in other departments (393 species), it is a great port for migratory birds where many more can be appreciated. Places like Minca, the Sierra Nevada and the Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta, are just some of the places where you can observe birds.


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