Five museums in Medellín that you cannot miss
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Five museums in Medellín that you cannot miss

Miér, 24 julio 2019
Five museums in Medellín that you cannot miss

Medellín is full of amazing places to visit , incredible landscapes to see , delicious dishes to taste and a fascinating culture to know, but it is also full of very interesting spaces that at first may seem boring, but when you give them the opportunity they are places that have a lot to teach you and in which you are not going to die of boredom, we are talking, of course, of the museums in Medellín that you cannot miss during your vacation to the capital of Antioquia.

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Museums in Medellin that are worth visiting


Antioquia Museum

This is the first on the list, as it is the oldest museum in the entire city and the second oldest  in Colombia. It has a great exhibition on the cultural and historical heritage of Antioquia, arranged in the 23 rooms. It opens every day and the entrance to the Museum of Antioquia costs 12,000 COP and 18,000 COP for Colombians and foreigners respectively.


El Castillo Museum and Gardens

It is one of the most beautiful and most visited museums in Medellin today due to its architecture that resembles the great medieval European castles. This is dedicated to preserving art and culture so that in different rooms you will not only find beautiful pieces of art from different parts of the world, but also objects from the life of yesteryear. Its gardens are also beautiful examples of those we see in stories about royalty and in which you can take a walk and take beautiful photos. The entrance to this museum costs 15,000 COP and its services include picnics and event rooms.


Explora Park

The Explora Park is one of the best museums in Medellin because visiting it becomes an amazing experience where you will learn a lot of things about science, innovation and technology while having fun. All their exhibits are interactive, so you can play with them. This museum also contains the largest aquarium in South America and a planetarium in the middle of the city. It is certainly a space that you have to experience when you visit the city. The entrance has a cost of 25,000 COP, yet another ticket option is offered that includes the planetarium and the park for 38,500 COP.


San Pedro Cemetery Museum

A museum that is a cemetery and also a museum. Thus, this interesting space  makes the experience of visiting museums in Medellín something totally out of the ordinary, among other things, night visits are organized to know all the stories that are hidden between their graves, and if you think they are horror stories you are wrong, the focus of the visits revolve around history, art and society. While the entrance to the cemetery; like any other, is free, guided tours do have a price, which varies according to the size of the group and type of visit.

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Water museum

The Water Museum is another of the must-see museums in Medellín , as it is another interactive space where, through different games, a reflection on the importance of water is created, while teaching about its care and protection. This museum is for both children and adults. The experience inside this museum is something that you will want to repeat. It has a general entrance fee of 6,000 COP.

Now you know what are the best museums in Medellin that you should visit on your visit to the city. If you want to see other guides to travel through Colombia, enter here.


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