Activities in Neiva


Tatacoa Desert Expedition Plan for 4 days

This expedition plan to the Tatacoa Desert for 4 days is ideal to learn more about the majestic landscapes of Tatacoa.

4 days.

From: $ 143 usd  


3-day plan to the Tatacoa Desert

Enjoy this incredible natural wonder of Colombia with our all-inclusive 3 day plan to the Tatacoa Desert. A trip of adventure and disconnection.

3 days.

From: $ 107 usd  


Plan to the Tatacoa Desert for two days

Plan to the Tatacoa Desert for two days, ideal to get to know this incredible place and enjoy its magical nights adorned with millions of stars.

2 days.

From: $ 81 usd  


Classic one-day tour to the Tatacoa Desert

One day tour in the Tatacoa Desert, Huila, to get to know one of the most beautiful arid areas of Colombia. An experience not to be missed.

4 hours.

From: $ 24 usd  


Astronomy tour in the Tatacoa Desert

Take an unforgettable tour at night to the Tatacoa Desert to contemplate the night sky in the best place in Colombia to observe the stars.

2 hours.

From: $ 12 usd  


2-day plan to the Guacharos Cave Park

Live an exciting adventure in the Guacharos Cave National Natural Park in Huila with this 2-day plan.

1 days.

From: $ 84 usd  


Tour to the Xilopalos Valley in the Tatacoa Desert

Take this magnificent tour to the gray zone of the Tatacoa Desert known as the Xilopalos Valley, one of the most interesting in the desert.

4 hours.

From: $ 27 usd