Cherua: Living with indigenous communities in Palmor
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Plan to live with indigenous Kogui in Cherua

Plan to live with indigenous Kogui in Cherua
Plan to live with indigenous Kogui in Cherua
Plan to live with indigenous Kogui in Cherua
Plan to live with indigenous Kogui in Cherua
Plan to live with indigenous Kogui in Cherua
Plan to live with indigenous Kogui in Cherua
Plan to live with indigenous Kogui in Cherua
Plan to live with indigenous Kogui in Cherua
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Basic Information:

Cherua is a Kogui indigenous settlement located at 1,320 meters above sea level in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta . In this indigenous community they will show us their ways of life and the dances that evoke their spirituality and that according to Kogui mythology, is a source of cleansing for energies. This is a privileged place for having native paths of exuberant vegetation, with contrasts of greenery on the mountains that, accompanied by the many sounds of the fauna of the area, make this the ideal destination to reconnect with nature. This plan will allow us to have other experiences such as a coffee farm and enter an apiary.

Duration time:

2 days.

Time and place of departure:

Agreed with the client.

Time and place of return:

Santa Marta

Cancellation polices:

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More information.

1st. Day: Contact with the indigenous Kogui community.

Departure from the hotel or accommodation site, taking the road that connects Santa Marta with Ciénaga and Fundación Magdalena, the vehicle diverts through the cold river and in an ascent of 1 hour and 50 minutes you reach Palmor , a coffee producing town considered as the coffee capital of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta .

In Palmor, you receive a typical breakfast of the area. Once breakfast is finished, we continue the journey by vehicle for approximately 2 hours to Cherua, a Kogui indigenous settlement located at 1,320 meters above sea level. The vehicle will arrive at an area called Uranio Abajo, where we will get off the vehicle with our luggage to start a level hike. of low difficulty for about 30 minutes until reaching the Kogui indigenous community baptized as Cherua .

There we will be received by the mamo or cacique, an old man who embodies ancestral knowledge and is an indigenous authority, the leader of this community will give us a short guided tour, introducing us to his community and explaining to us the ways of building their homes (bohíos) and their relationship with mother Earth. After the tour, lunch will be received. Once installed and touring the surroundings, we will visit a natural water pool just 30 minutes from the Kogui community along a path with a medium difficulty level.

In the pool you will be able to enjoy a bath of natural and cold water that descends from the high mountain. Return to the Kogui community for dinner. At nightfall you will have a unique experience with this community because in the company of the indigenous people of all ages who live in this village, you will share in a campfire where we can observe their traditional dances as well as appreciate the elaboration of ethnic handicrafts and souvenirs.

2nd. Day:

We wake up very early to watch the sunrise in the Sierra Nevada, enjoying a delicious cup of organic coffee offered by the indigenous people. Traditional breakfast. We say goodbye to the community to go to a coffee producing farm. To get to this, an ecological walk will be carried out along the native trails of the mountains, sighting the exuberant greenery on the mountains with an abundant presence of tropical forest and many sounds of the fauna of the area for approximately 3 hours. During the journey we will eat fruits.

At the coffee farm , we will learn all about the history of the preparation of Colombian coffee, the planting of this exquisite grain, and the coffee culture. This tour culminates with a delicious cup of coffee. We leave the coffee farm in a vehicle bound for the Apiary. Estimated time 1 hour of journey. In the place where we will learn secrets of bees and Colombian beekeeping. We will discover how bees make honey and how beekeepers work. We will open a hive and explain what happens inside it.

The visit can be carried out by children and adults, we provide protective suits to visitors. At the end of the visit to the apiary, we will receive a typical lunch. We return by vehicle to Palmor to begin the descent of the mountain for approximately 3 hours until we reach Santa Marta.

What does include

    Round trip ground transportation.
    Food during the tour.
    Accommodation in Campsite.
    Bakian guide.
    Assistance assurance.
    Visit to the Apiary and coffee producing farm.

What does not include

    Additional nights.
    Unspecified expenses.
    Horse rental.


  • Comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Cold weather clothing for the night.
  • Trekking boots.
  • Hat or cap.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Canteen.
  • Lantern.


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